TV on your PC

Warning! Do not sign up and pay for satellite TV for PC before you read this information.

So you want to watch TV on your PC? There is something very important you must know: Most Satellite TV on PC providers are flat out terrible!

It is critical that you do your research so you don't get stuck with outdated software, poor sound and picture quality and slower-than-molasses video streaming.

That's where we come in. We have spent a great amount of time testing several different TV to PC products and put together what we think are the three best providers. All three companies we recommend provide the following great features:

  • Unlimited access to thousands of channels
  • Awesome sound and picture quality
  • Easy to install software - no extra computer hardware needed!
  • Fast streaming speeds
  • Top-notch customer support from anywhere in the world
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Completely legal

We've done the research for you so you can save time and start watching TV on your PC today! So read our reviews below. Pick the company that sounds best to you, visit their website and fill out the necessary info to download your TV to PC software.

Ranked #1 - Satellite TV For PC
Satellite TV For PC

Rating 5/5 Rating5/5 Rating5/5 Rating5/5 Rating5/5 Rating

Satellite TV For PC Elite Edition is definitely the best option for the money you spend. What makes them our top pick? Because now they are having a special where you can download the software for a one-time fee of $49.95. That's it, nothing more to pay...ever. The instant download gives you immediate access to over 3,600 TV and radio stations, and the software is very user-friendly so it won't take you long to master. Of course the most important thing is that the picture and sound quality are amazing. Click here to check out their website and join their millions of satisfied customers.

Ranked #1 - Stream Direct
Stream Direct

Rating 4/5 Rating4/5 Rating4/5 Rating4/5 Rating4/5 Rating

Stream Direct services and quality is absolutely top notch. With access to over 4,500 channels, instant download and 24/7 customer service, you simply cannot go wrong. Right now they have an option to download their easy-to-use software for just $4.95! That is a 50% discount of the normal price! This gives you unlimited access to their premium content, plus they are adding new channels almost every day. Click here to check out their website and say goodbye to monthly bills!

Ranked #3 - iSoftware TV

Rating 3.5/5 Rating3.5/5 Rating3.5/5 Rating3.5/5 Rating3.5/5 Rating

Satellite Tune services and quality is extremely similar to our other picks: access to over 4,600 channels, one-time fee, instant download and 24/7 customer service. Why are they #3? Two reasons: 1) they don't have a low entrance fee like our #2 pick and 2) they haven't been around as long as our #1 pick, so they have had some growing pains. However, we suspect that as time goes by, iSoftware TV will also build up a great reputation, because their product really is great.

Exactly What is "TV to PC" Software?

The ability to watch TV on yor computer is not new in itself. There are certain hardware cards that you can put in your computer which plug into your cable connection that allow you to get TV on your PC. However, what's different about satellite TV for PC is that you don't need any hardware. All the magic is done through software.

Basically, watching satellite TV on your PC is similar to watching a movie that someone sent you in an email or that you downloaded from the Internet. You use a media player window to watch TV stations, with full screen video and high quality sound. Sometimes the quality of the video will be different from channel to channel, particularly ones from certain countries. However, with thousands for channels to choose from, there are plenty available in a high enough quality to make for a great viewing experience.